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Current Line-up

Darius Luke Thompson - Violin

Royal Academy of Music graduate. Played for many years in the Zurich Opera House. Founding member of The Turbans. 

Kansia Pritchard - Ney, Kaval and Clarinet

A worldwide traveller picking up intruments and tunes from Turkey to the heart of India. Intstrument maker and Composer


Maxim Shchedrovitzki - Oud

Amazing guitarist and triangle player. Great composer and has a love for Turkish classical as well as Armenian folk

Moshe Zehavi - Electric Guitar and Vocals

Avid composer and arranger. Has a particular love for swing and jazz music. Business man and lover of music.

Miroslav Morski - Electric Guitar and Vocals

Well known musician in Bulgaria under the name of Django Ze. One of the pioneers of gypsy music in the UK

Pablo Dominguez - Percussion

Multi-instrumenalist and fashion guru. Fred has toured all over the world with various bands and brings a very unique style to the bass.

Oshan Mahony - Acoustic Guitar

Big music lover. Founding member of The Turbans. 

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